Online Mini-Course

Are you & your family trying to thrive in the steep of life’s chaos?

While I am sure you have heard at least 100 people tell you that you can’t pour from an empty cup, they don’t understand your life.  The mental and physical energy that goes into each day is overwhelming. They don’t understand the proper steps to get your unique cup steady enough to accept a fresh fill-up each and every day.

This online mini-course is a simple solution to a giant problem of navigating a tough life at the moment. You can gain some practical knowledge & action steps on YOUR time & in YOUR privacy. An easily digestible series of videos with three downloadable BONUS checklists that gives you EXACTLY what YOU NEED.

  • Flexibility to learn and grow without the pressure of a the perfect blend of science & practicality.
  • You will shift your chaos into calm. 
  • As you learn about your innate constitution type & why you respond the way you do, you’ll develop balance, & leave with actionable steps to become steady & stable for yourself and for your life.

Mini-Course with Downloadable Bonus Checklists

Tangible Tools for a Person Needing Get in Front of Chaos, Stress, or Overwhelm