Early in adulthood my career was thriving, working in healthcare as a masters educated Speech Pathologist, while traveling for more than a decade developing seminars for medical professionals & the nation’s educators on the topics of differently wired brains; aging and dementia, autism, ADHD, anxiety.  

I thought that was my life’s work, but things got personal. Chaos of life came about– as it always does when we are leaning in & living a caring life. Something was missing from this work. I was leaving out the piece that allowed me to stay steady enough to show up & make an impact. KNOWING EXACTLY HOW TO CARE FOR MYSELF made all the difference. My heart lead me and my experience backed me up.

Living in rural WV allows me to continue to connect with the Applachian community I hold dear still work through technology one on one with people dealing with decisions, transitions, or living in stressful situations. I lead at a non-profit, the WV Autism Supportive Center, heading up the task of bringing holistic healing to people with anxiety, depression, autism, adhd, addiction recovery, panic, and mood disorders.  I developed the Y.O.U curriculum for youth & guide young people through developing healthy identity & learning that the only way to lead is through YOUR. OWN. UNIQUENESS.

I’m incredibly excited to work with you individually and guide you through the personalized process that brings you back into balance. For a tiny taste I have integrated a few basics into a streamlined and practical program to help you be steady and get in front of your stress even in highly challenging life situations. I believe fully in living YOUR life to its fullest, in the wisdom of holistic healing through Ayurveda, and in working with the nervous system from a bottom up direction to increase the impact of other more traditional approaches to living your most JOYFUL life.