Erin Browning

If you want calm, stability, & strength in the rough waters life brings,
I’ve got you.

  • Do you have trouble sitting in the tension when your life is in transition?
  • Do you feel frustrated, confused, alone in this season of your life?
  • Do you have all of the resources online at your fingertips, but struggle to translate those into tangible tools that help you get your & your family on track?

About Me

Hi, I’m Erin & if you feel lonely walking this journey & are craving calm, stability and strength in the rough waters life brings you, I’ve got you.

As a professional speaker, provider of one on one support services, and online course creator that spends her average days talking about the hard things out loud and helping people work through the muck in big ways.

Work With Me

Speaking Engagements

With a long history of teaching to the nation’s medical professionals & educators one of the things I love doing most is delivering keynotes and workshops. Currently Erin speaks alongside physicians, psychiatrists, renowned emotional intelligence experts, & best selling authors. If your conference or organization is looking to empower people struggling to build resilience & get back on steady ground in their life then…

One on One Work

Are you struggling to move forward, make decisions, get yourself out of a bad spiral?  YOU ARE NOT ALONE. For the past decade I have studied and fine tuned methods to guide you through your grey space with grace, support,  and tools that I wish I had at my fingertips when I found myself navigating life’s difficult journeys.

Does showing up to a conference or working one on one terrify you that you will have to share your feelings or do something uncomfortable?

Maybe it is a logistics issue and you have no time to get away for one on one work or a group learning experience?

But you do want to have practical recommendations and actions to guide you into supporting your child or loved one who needs you…

Online Courses

If you absolutely want to gain the tools you need to get ahead of your stress and show up for your loved one, but want this information in your own time and in your own privacy, then my online courses are for you. Click here for the mini-course course and BONUS checklists. If you want to dig even deeper FOR YOU there is an option for a downloadable course about working through your own transitions.

It’s important to me that you know I am the average human, just like you. I can cook up a meal that will fill your heart & your belly. My laugh is contagious.

Oh, & I love nothing more than wild freedom in nature. Like the time I jumped out of an airplane through a rainbow, or in a freezing river a couple weeks after profound loss to reset my system. On an easy day nothing is better than floating in my kayak, working with the rapids, to have a joyful adventure.

If you are missing this part of you that is FUN and taking on life with JOY, I am here to help you take that back. Let’s dive into JOY!!


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