Tangible Tools to Get in Front of Your Stress

Watch each short video. Make sure you have a pencil & paper to take notes because this mini-course is loaded with practical tips to fill your cup in a completely doable way. Be warned. It seems so simple, you’ll think there is absolutely no way these tiny micro changes will work, but believe me, with consistent application it will change your life.


You are overwhelmed & need to find some relief in the stress of life so I am bringing you this easily digestible mini-course that walks you through the practical steps you need to begin to become the solid & stable force you know you are at your core. You don’t have time for retreats, workshops, I get it, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. So let’s dig in.

What is your constitution type?

Start here to determine your natural tendencies that can work for you or against you in times of stress.

Tangible Tools

Everything you need to know broken down into very basic actionable steps to allow you to get in front of your stress.

Did you like this little taste of what works to bring calm to chaos?

If you want more in depth nervous system work & to explore the science of breathing in a one on one context all inspired by the wisdom of ayurveda

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