SolShine 2 Week Digital Adventure with Erin & Stephanie

Adventure within yourself

Live at 6am CST, Recorded if you can’t make it live.

Private FB group & the recordings will be there for you to access.


Feb 27, 2022 through March 12, 2022

Excellent pre-work for the Sol Shine Retreat in Huatulco, Mexico March 12-19

Also a nice addition to sunkissed fire Panchakarma retreat this April in FL.

MOST IMPORTANT—This will develop your daily breathwork & sometimes it’s hard to do it alone. Come for the internal adventure!

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Click here for admission to the private breathwork group.

If you want more

This is a wonderful lead up to the retreat we are hosting March 12-19 in Huatulco, Mexico. We have 2 spots avaliable.

“My body took over while I was able to rest mentally and it seemed to be healing itself while I was just in the passenger seat”

ā€” David D.

She provided a safe space to dig deep into parts of my life that I had been avoiding for a long time.

I appreciate her nurturing demeanor & how she gets to the point in a caring nonjudgmental way.

ā€” Val W.